Tailor Made Services

SV Mentoring supports children to explore and manage emotions – building their resilience and self-esteem and helping them to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Our trained mentors offer one-to-one support that is tailored to suit the young person’s needs. We have found our mix of mentoring and activities allows young people to develop new skills and make positive connections within the local community. 

Our mentors are passionate about supporting children and young people, they go through a robust selection, are fully vetted following safer recruitment protocol and attend a detailed training programme. Mentors and qualified teachers will support the young person, encouraging them in their academic learning, introducing them to new activities and inspiring them to think about their future.

Academic Education

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Animal Therapy/Intervention

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Our Clients

We may be commissioned by educational institutions, social care organisations or directly by parents and carers. Following an initial assessment visit, we create bespoke mentoring programmes tailored to the child or young person’s needs. 

We work with children and young people who are at risk of placement breakdown, not accessing education due to anxiety resulting in school refusal or due to exclusion.  

Healthy emotional well-being and positive behaviour for all children and young people.

Here To Help

Children and young people with additional social, emotional and mental health needs may struggle to access or engage with learning.
The SEMH needs of individual pupils may present in a variety of ways, including:

Being anxious and low

Difficulties with attachment

Difficulties with attention

Being withdrawn or isolated, as well as displaying challenging or disruptive behaviour

Family Support

Short or long-term provision on a regular or ad hoc basis. Working with families dealing with a variety of issues / multiple support needs including challenging behaviour; parenting skills; practical day-to-day living skills and respite care. Provided in the home; community; an educational establishment; residential setting etc.

Working with individual members or the whole family Targeted intervention Liaison with the local authority/representative to work towards agreed targets Regular written reports