Anti-Ligature access control just got simpler for existing Care Units

About this Project

Retrofitting and implementing Anti-Ligature access control into occupied Mental Health Care Units has long been a problem for Trusts so the arrival of simple and effective Antiligature access control that provides, live on-line PC software control and audit trails, that is easily installed with minimal disruption is a welcome thing.

No more worrying about cable installation through the site whilst occupied or trying to get cables through Anti-barricade door hinges.  This system is a trued on-line access control system with full professional software giving you total control – but wireless.

Quick deployment minimal distribution to service users and compliance with Antiligature requirements means this is a real must for better site control and privacy for residents.

The Carelock is a product that can integrate into the ever popular Paxtons access control system providing simple and very effective access control allowing the Trust to control access to restricted areas, but also provide Service Users the freedom and privacy of their own room access too, helping eliminate common problems associated with mixed Male/Female units.  Linking this with the systems effective audit trail also allows staff to manage and monitor and provide crucial evidence in the event of an incident.

CareLock has been developed by ASGuk Systems a specialist in the design of bespoke solutions for mental health care environments and is just one of many products they’ve developed to overcome common daily problems Care Units experience

The solution is also now available with Anti-bacterial finish ensuring that the spread of infection alike is kept to a minimum as well as allowing the product to remain visually cleaner through daily use.

Need a system that will integrate with other manufacturers such as……
TDSI, KABA, SALTO, ABLOY,ASSA, then not a problem we can provide Antiligature solutions to suit your needs

For more information….
carelock is exclusively developed and available from ASGuk Systems (

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