Meet Pepper – our newest ASG Team member

About this Project

We think she’ll be our most popular team member……

Well, we have had some characters join us over the years, but have a feeling she will be our most popular team member….. and sooo cute.
(am I allowed to say that about a team member??)

Her role is to bring a daily smile, and so far she’s a huge success.
All she needs is a little winter jacket with an ASG logo.

Wonder if they make puppy Hi-Vis and hard hats for when she’s out visiting sites.

We’re pretty sure she’ll be visiting some of our clients over the next few months, so make sure you have some doggy treats.

Owned by Daniel Green, she’ll be at our offices most days of the week.

Do you have animals at your office?
Let us know what you have and why you decided to have them there.

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