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There are lots of things you can do to protect your business and reduce the likelihood of being a victim of crime.

Properties which do not employ any form of security are 10 times more likely to be victims of crime. As the risk of loss through theft, burglary and criminal damage is steadily increasing, intruder alarm systems are becoming a mandatory requirement by insurance providers.


Having a properly managed CCTV system – protect your business premises, machinery and materials, staff and customers – inside and out.

Ensure your CCTV is in fully working order and the correct date and time set. Use clearly positioned CCTV signage.

Ensure staff are properly trained to view and download the footage, should it be necessary. Position cameras to get a clear images.

If your premises has a car-park make sure its boundaries are secure and not overgrown to enable burglars to hide.

CCTV based ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) using special cameras to enable identification, logging, and monitoring of vehicles number plates to protect and increase the efficiency of day to day


Control access to your premises. Well maintained Automated Barriers or Gates can be the first line of defence in protecting your business.

Automatic doors with access control fobs or cards.

Staff understanding of their role in keeping your business secure.

All visitors are signed in and out and escorted whilst on the premises.

Triggers & Actions feature allows control of elevators, lighting, heating, intruder alarm, fire alarm, and CCTV and more.


Alarms systems and monitored alarms provide you peace of mind, especially knowing if your alarm is activated, the right people will be alerted whether Police, Fire or your keyholder response services.

Intruder Alarm along with door and window locks, are the mainstay of most businesses security. So getting this right gives you a great platform to build from for your organisations security needs.

We produce a Staff Watch Personal Attack Panic Alarms which can be linked via an intruder alarm system to summon assistance.


Asset marking on property items makes it clearly identifiable and harder to sell on.

Keep high value items away from doors and windows – don’t make it easy for the opportunist.

Lock away computers, printers and other valuables to keep them safe.

Ensure that anti-virus and security software are kept up-to-date, think cyber crime.

Many existing users are failing to realise the full potential of their security system and the benefits it can provide with just a few extras or tweaks – Ask us about them.

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