School gets technical to assist in safety on site

About this Project

We have designed, installed and commissioned emergency call technology to Upper Shirley High School in Southampton to help them meet their communication and Lockdown requirements site wide.


The school approached us to provide ideas and solutions that could best meet their site-wide communication needs in an emergency.  This helps them meet government guidelines on Lockdown but also improves their site communication.
The school invited 3 companies to design and demonstrate.  Following our presentation, site demonstration and testing the school selected us as felt that we best identified their needs.  Our system also allowed for a lot of future flexibility so could change as the school’s needs changed over time.

Our educate and inform approach gave the school the knowledge needed to make an informed choice.  With a variety of equipment and systems available this was invaluable to them and they recognised our approach as a refreshing change.

The system comprised of over 40 pagers held by staff along with lone worker and man down products.  The system allowed reception staff to broadcast to individual or groups of pagers meaning they can swiftly communicate any emergency.

We also placed a number of additional of dipole aerials strategically placed around the school to give amazing levels of range and coverage both inside and outside the school.

Another greater bespoke project by a great design and installation team her at ASGuk.

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